Forest Fire Technology

Disappearing Acres

Every year over 50,000 Wildfires occur in the United States burning millions of acres of trees. 3 decades ago, an average of 3 million acres of forests were burned per year. Today, that number is over 7 million acres. The loss of life and the financial impacts of forest fires has also risen dramatically during this time period. The continuing effects of global warming exacerbate this destructive force.


Patent Pending Technology

Through our patent pending process, we aim to deploy interconnected canopies to shade high risk areas of our forests, utilizing aluminum composite materials. By doing so, we can slow the evapo-transpiration of plants and trees- thereby lowering ambient temperatures and increasing humidity and moisture- to vastly reduce the incidence of climate induced forest fires.

Our first pilot project is expected to launch in late 2019 in Connecticut, USA.

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